The - Rest - Is - Silence
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A pitcher of birthday tea. Better late than never c:


Soundwave could use this right about now.

[[Thank you.  He will savor every drop.]]

I made a diagram in case you were wondering. Since it’s my imagination, I can be whatever size I want. uvu

though because it’s my drawing skills, our background is practically nonexistent


[[Steeljaw?  When did you come back to life?]]


Chew he does, long enough that it’s some time before the brief reply makes its way to Soundwave’s sensors. He has never been one to rely on instincts or intuition, yet of late he’s had flickerings of the sense that he knows less than he should.

[[No more fearsome than you, in my estimation.]]

Soundwave has no intention of letting Shockwave know just why that is.  Not yet.  That little revelation will come either in trade or in time, and no sooner.

[[You have a talent for making fact-based compliments.]]

[[Perhaps with adequate support he could even outstrip the mech.]]

I hear its your birthday. Möchtest du mag einige gift?


Noooooo it's your birthday, and I'm out of town! I owe you tea. Dont let me forget. And happy birthday!

[[Are you in your town yet? He would take you up on this now.]]

Y'know, Slendybear, there's a human tradition on the anniversary of creation, that the celebrating bot gets a smack on the aft - something about keeping away evil spirits or something, I dunno. Wanna try it~?

[[Ah, three that escaped him. He will address these now, and let that be an end to it.]]

[[He does not need these. That is what the planet’s barrier is for.]]

if i ask very nicely can i pretend to lay by you?

[[You can do anything you like from the comfort of your own home on your own planet.]]

Watching Soundwave fight, I noticed that when he dodges attacks, his dodges almost make it look like he's dancing. Is there a specific fighting style that utilizes this fluidity, or is it just a badass Soundwave thing?


I believe it’s a unique, Soundwave-patented style known as “I consist primarily of legs and arms.”